No, the fee is not refundable for any reason.

No, these fees are not refundable for any reason.

2 months ($200) is payable on the day your property is listed and then the $100 per month is due on the first of each month.

Your listing will be cancelled and the sign and lockbox removed within 24hrs of a missed payment

You can pay by etransfer or by cheque or money order. Cheque or money order can be dropped off at: 108-5214 47th Ave Red Deer, AB
T4N 3P7.

To pay by etransfer, instructions can be found here.

No. Due to Fintrac we do not accept cash for any payment.

If you want more than 1 sign, there will be an additional $100 service fee for each sign you want installed. If you want your phone number on the sign rider, there will be an additional $50 service fee. A travel fee of $100 is applicable for some properties that are outside of Red Deer, Sylvan Lake and Lacombe, anything in between there are no travel fees. Beyond that, you will have closing costs such as lawyers fees (varies depending on your situation), Real Property Report (RPR) cost of approx. $750 for an average single family home if you do not have a current RPR and condo doc fees if your property is a condo (these fees vary, see your property management company for details).


We take a front photo and photo’s of all rooms in the property that are photo ready. We choose photo’s based on what best represents your property. This could be 10 photo’s or it could be 25 photo’s. There are certain rules that must be followed when listing on MLS.

No but we can remove a photo. This would be part of your submission for changes on the 1st or 3rd Tuesday of each month.

No. Unfortunately with the sensitive issues of copyright on photo’s, we must use our own photo’s for MLS.


MLS Any email from a buyer for your listing will be forwarded to you within 1 business day.


Yes, we have a company hired to install and remove 1 sign. If you would like multiple signs, there will be an additional charge of $100 service fee for each extra sign that is installed.

We will provide you with the contact information for the sign company to call and arrange a day and time to have that installed. They require 2 business days notice. Alternatively we can book that at your listing appointment as well.

This is optional. You can choose to have your phone number on a sign rider or not. There is an extra cost of $50 to have your number added to the sign.


No. This is an on-line marketing service only, you would need to be listed with our Lime Green Realty’s full REALTOR® services program.


A licensed REALTOR® will be doing the paperwork with you so that you satisfy all of the rules of listing on MLS.

You will need to have a lawyer assist you with the paperwork. Click here for a list of lawyers we recommend.


As soon as you are given an offer from a buyer, you need to call your lawyer. You should not sign any documents until you contact your lawyer.


It’s easy, just book a listing appointment on our calendar by clicking here and your appointment time will be confirmed during business hours. A licensed REALTOR® will explain what happens so you can be prepared for your appointment.

On average, the listing appointment will take 2 hours. Less time for smaller homes such as condo’s and slightly longer for larger homes.

A licensed REALTOR® will do a walkthrough of the property to gather all information on the property, they will measure the inside and outside of the property, they will take all photo’s of the property, they will complete all paperwork and they will give you a consult on the process.

No problem! We can complete paperwork electronically with you but we do need to confirm your identity which can be done through your lawyer.


No, we do not give suggestions for list prices as we are an online marketing service. You must advise us on what you want to list for. You are free to get the opinions of agents or appraisers to determine this.

No, we are an online marketing service. But you can choose to do as many price changes as you like.


MLS Your property can be listed for up to 2 years.

Changes to your listing must be submitted on the first and third Tuesday of every month. We will provide you with the proper documentation for changes to your listing. Updates will be done as quickly as 1 business day but may take up to 5 business days depending on the total volume of changes required.

Yes, we provide you with a link to your listing for you to review the details to ensure everything is accurate.


No, we are an on-line marketing service just like Kijiji and therefore, all communication is done by email.

No. We are an online marketing service so you will not have access to a licensed REALTOR®. We will provide you with a licensed REALTOR at your listing appointment but after this appointment, you would need to consult with a lawyer. Please see our resource page for recommendations on professionals in this industry.


Yes! You can do open houses as often as you would like.

Yes! As long as you submit notice on the first and third Tuesday of the month, your open house can be advertised on MLS.


Yes you will have to show your own property. Unless the buyer is represented by an agent, then the agent will want to show your home to their buyer. Most agents prefer that you are not home when they show your home to their client.

No. This is an online marketing service only so you would be responsible to show your home to private buyers.

No! This is the great part of using Advertise By Owner. We will be putting on a lockbox which allows agents to access your property with ease. Appraisers and home inspectors also have access to our lock boxes so this will save you time from having to always be at your property to let an industry professional into your home. Because the lockbox requires access via a special devise, you will not have access to the key in the lockbox until the lockbox is removed from the property.

You can choose to receive a text, phone call or email or a combination of these. Your contact information will not be published on MLS but will be in the MLS® System for agents to contact you if they have a buyer they want to show your property to.

Some will and some won’t. Agents take on a higher liability when they work with a seller who is not represented by an agent so some agents will not show properties that are listed privately for this reason.


If I want to switch to Lime Green Realty’s full REALTOR® services program how long does that process take and what is involved? The process requires you to sign 1 document which can be done electronically. All of the same photo’s and information in your listing will be used. Once that document is signed, we arrange for you to meet with a Lime Green Realty licensed REALTOR® to discuss your listing and answer any questions you may have. Lime Green Realty.